Quantum Caps
Box of 4

Gold XLR Male
2 x XLR = 1 pack

Platinum Caps
in boxes of 10

Platinum XLR Female
2 x XLR = 1 pack

Platinum XLR Male
2 x XLR = 1 pack


Telos Gold Caps

Telos Quantum & Telos Audio Cap accessories

Gold & Platinum RCA, BNC, XLR , and banana speaker caps

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Telos Caps Gold

Telos Caps Platinum

1. Made from pure copper, the best effective materials to isolate EMI and RF noise absorbtion.
2. Uses the best 24 carat Gold or Platinum Plating techniques.
3. Completely fits over un-used connectors to protect from oxidation, dust and corrosion.
4. Pure Teflon inside for isolation.
5. Allow run in time of 50 hours for RCA and BNC and up to 100 hours for XLR.
6. Allow run in time of 100 to 140 hours for Quantum Cap.

Hi Dave
Parcel received yesterday and caps applied last night.
I was surprised and pleased with the impact of the XLR caps - they went on the XLR outputs of my streamer (I use the unbalanced phono output) Sound changed to give more air/better space around the instruments and vocals were clearer. I then replaced the Audioquest caps I was using on the spare pre-amp inputs and the power amp phono inputs with the quantum caps. Volume seemed to increase and soundstage was more stable and solid. Thought I might use the audioquest caps on the TV system but I'll probably be back for more of the Telos....... Cheers Mick. Feb 2018



Do not forget to support your cables as well