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RE-THINKING Loudspeakers

With an irresistible urge to develop the ultimate loudspeaker, starting with a clean sheet, this new line of loudspeakers has become a new beginning. A break down and build up approach has made the development process both challenging and extremely satisfying.

Beside thanking the great team of dedicated professionals in Aalborg, I want to give a special thank to my business partner and friend through many years, Lars Kristensen, whose passion, vision, trust and dedication always will inspire me and make me want to create something amazing....Michael Borresen

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2 way Compact Monitor Loudspeaker

This 2 way speaker will tell the story, playing with unbelievable power,
musical richness and ease.

The beautiful finish with walnut veneer is flawlessly crafted and flows lightly on its stand,
making the 01 a desirable furniture in all modern homes.


2.5 way Floor standing Loudspeaker

Every detail has been carefully applied, contributing with
function and stunning musical performance.

In spite of its slim look, the 02 is capable of producing an impressive power and
reproduction of the slightest musical details with calming and harmonious ease,
showing the true potential of the BØRRESEN 02.



2.5 way Floor standing Loudspeaker

The BØRRESEN 03 has an almost unbelievable scale and incredible dynamic contrasts.
It gives you a truly breathing realism of artists throwing you a private concert
right in your listening room.

Every detail has been carefully applied, contributing with function and
stunning musical performance. The finish is flawless with beautifully
crafted veneer and many other visual details.



Floor standing Loudspeaker

The BØRRESEN 05 is the latest development from Michael Børresen. Big, beautiful
and able to blend in the finest of rooms.

Revolutionary chassis and driver


Do you want to upgrade to a BØRRESEN Speaker System?

High End Cable offer fantastic trade in and upgrade path for the entire Borresen Range.
We buy your speakers to allow you to own one of the best speakers on the planet.
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Dave says

'Michael has always thought outside the box. The range that bears his name is all about taking design and ideas to the next level. If he was not designing speakers, amplification and other electronics he could be designing F1. His use of materials to match his foresight makes hime an all time legend in the field of Hi-Fi.

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