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STAX SR-007 Mk2
SR-507 System
SRS - 4170 system
SRS - 3170 system
SRS-2170 system

SR-009 headset
SR-007 Mk2
SR - L700
SR - L500
SR - L300

SRM-007t II

Headphone stand
Plastic Cover
Extention leads

STAX - SR-007 Mk 2
Omega Reference headset

SR Omega Reference with SR -007Mk2

SR-007 Mark 2 Headset - £1,995.00

Push-pull electrostatic headphones.
Frequency range: 6Hz-41kHz. Impedance: 170k ohms at 10kHz.
Sensitivity: 100dB/100V RMS at 1kHz.
Required bias voltage: 580V DC. Earpads: high-quality leather.
Cable: low-capacitance, wide-format with six parallel PC-OCC (Pure Crystal Ohno Continuous Casting) conductors.
Rigid metal housing, adjustable earpads, gold-plated outer-edge electrode sound elements encased in insulated resin case fixed to rigid headphone body.
Weight:12.75 oz (365gm) without cable.

SR -007 II System £3,895.00



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