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D-3.1 | C-3.2

D-2.1 | C-2.2

D-1.1 | C-1.2

Raidho Rack

Stand for
C and D

Adjustable feet


Raidho Acoustics

Speaker Stands

De-coupling at base x4 and at sh
elf level x4 and

Stands are £2,499.00 silver or £3,000.00 in black

These extremely hi-tech stands are designed specifically for the stand mount
Raidho C1.2 and D-1 reference speakers.

The Raidho Speaker stand is superb for other speaker makes as well. Considerable engineering in these superb stands pays off when speaker performance is raised to new levels. The stands are light weight and have 4 x de-coupling base feet and a further 4 x de-coupling positions at the shelf level.

For retro fixable adjustable feet call 01775 761880

Black stand shown with D-1

supplied ready assembled

Technical Specifications

Floorstanding reference stand:
8 resonance
non spike points per stand
4 at base and 4 on top plate to support speakers
Adjustable feet option with Alunimnium or Diamod standard

Approx Size:

770mm high with base 420 x 320 mm
top level 190mm reducing to 120mm x 300 deep

Speaker weight
up to 25kg

Optional Adjustable feet can be retro fitted click here

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