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Raidho Rack

Stand for
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Adjustable feet


The Raidho Acoustics Equipment Rack

"The Raidho Rack"

The Raidho Rack is the "State of the Art" equipment support designed to remove the resonances generated within your componants.

The Raidho Rack has decoupling devices which will enable you to tune your Raidho rack to your system and vice versa.

High Level shown here

The Raidho Rack is available in 2 shelf heights. Each level is height adjustable for fine levelling with 4 x 3 ceramic balls per support point at each level for rack de-coupling.

Low level Rack A = £1,450.00 each
is 490mm deep x 710mm wide (600mm inside) x 120mm (80mm inside) high
also suitable for a stand alone amplifier base

High level Rack B = £1,550.00 each
is 490mm deep x 710mm wide (600mm inside) x 250mm (210mm inside) high

free P&P

Finish: Gloss Black

First UK showing at Audioworld 14

Three levels: 1 x A and 2 x B levels = £3,197.00

One of 4 support points which houses the 3 ceramic balls

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