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Power Base for Hi-Fi Systems

The power supply to your High End Hi-fi system is reliant on a quality power supply. There are many people out there who are happy to spend their hard earned cash of top of the range CD, TT, Amps etc.. but do not consider, or even find it hard to believe, that upgrading the power supply will make a significant difference. Even the most expensive items come with basic power cords but this is usually down to production cost. This usually resullts in the user going for an up market power cord. Those who do realise there is room for improvement.

Important note when upgrading your home power supply to your Hi-Fi.
if you are in any doubt on the best method, please consult a qualified electrician. They know the regulations, what to do and how to do it.

The modern house and even the older home with an upgraded power supply will have the latest Distribution Boards with multi-ways with earth leakage trip switches. The cabling from the board is usually a series of ring mains run in unshealded twin and earth. One of these ring mains supplies the room which houses your Hi-Fi. The main problem with earth leakage trip switches that the leakage mains supplies off your DB can acumilate from other rings and drop out the main trip. To lessen that happening a dedicated supply with its own trip is desireable. Using a sheilded high quality mains lead is good practice like the Audience Conductor installation cable.

Audience Conductor Install Cable

From the Distribustion board the new dedicated supply needs to go to your wall socket. Even if you are not an electrician you may have seen the back of a basic UK wall plug. It tends to have a common Busbar arrangement made from adequate materials but not really designed with High End Hi-Fi systems in mind. In this instance the use of the Furutech UK wall sockets is an important upgrade.

Wall Sockets

Distribution to your components

Most hi-Fi systems have a number of components like CD, Turntable, Amplifier, DAC, Streamer etc.. so one needs to have a supply base for these items. This is where you should use your best power cable, preferably from the same manufacturer, to feed this distribution point. Do not forget the fuse upgrade as well. High End Cable recommend the distribution point could derived by the following methods.

1/ Multi-way Star Earthed Mains Block. We suggest QRT Qbase6 or for medium budgets the Isotek Polaris
2/ Multi-way Passive mains conditoner from the Audience range. These offer distribution as well as mains cleansing.
3/ Mains harmonisers from QRT
4/ Plug in enhansers from QRT

Each of 1 and 2 above have their merits. If you establish you need mains cleaning the Audience will do the job straight off the wall. If you feel the mains are clean enough then go straight to 1/ or 3/. The new Mains enhansers from QRT are worthy add ons in all systems and must be plugged in on the same system as the Hi-Fi. They can fill the un-used sockets or the spare wall position if a double has been installed. Mains Harmonisers from QRT benifit the whole of your system and need to be placed in the vicinity of your equipment. They can be stand alone or daisy chained en-route to the system.

QRT Plug in to a Qbase6, QKORE and QRT Harmonisers

As mentioned above the first power cable should be your best and preferably from the same maker as the characteristics will be similar in most instances. Here are 3 of many power cable suggestions to give a indication of the power cord options. Each example shows the first power cord to be the class up from the cords to the components. They listed alphabetically.


adeptResponse Conditioners



Conductor Install Cable

Au24SE, MP & LP
powerCord 'se'







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