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Panda Feet

Made exclusively for High End Cable by Atacama
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Sustainable ECO friendly and Hi-fi advantage
Bamboo supports for High End Hi-fi cables, equipment and power conditioners.
Place your cables, and equipment on a sound and sustainable footing.

Thousand sold worldwide

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Review in The Audiobeat.com

The 3.5mm slot allows ribbons to be supported in a straight and neat fashion.

Made from sustainable Carbonised Bamboo, designed by Dave and made exclusively in the UK by Atacama for High End Cable, the Panda Feet supports will guide and support most makes of High End Hi-fi cables from ribbons, ovals and round.

As well as being ECO friendly and sustainable, Bamboo is fast being acknowledged as one of the finest materials for use in Hi-fi supports. This is the first time this sustainable product has been specifically designed to support your High End Cables. Panda Feet provide a tidy and a "Sound" footing and spacing your system cables off the floor.

Lifting your cables off the floor helps to isolate the effects of vibration and the Bamboo Panda Feet can also be used under power blocks and power conditioners when there is no room on your Hi-fi rack and where the only space available is the floor.

The 25mm dia groove allows round and ovals to be supported and an optional tie is secured in the base slot



Size: 60 x 60 x 40mm
Construction: Carbonised Bamboo
Weight: < 98 grams
Load taken: up to 25kg

Suitable under electronics.

The 3.5mm slot allows ribbons to be supported in a straight and neat fashion.
sold individually or packs

Hundreds sold worldwide



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