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Speaker Cable prices
alphabetical order based on 2m pairs

From £1 to £300.00
Audience OHNO up to 3m possible
Audience OHNO III
Nordost White Lightning

From £301 to £749.00
Inakustik REFERENZ LS-603 speaker cables
Inakustik REFERENZ LS-803 speaker cables
Nordost Purple Flare
Nordost Blue Heaven

From £750.00 to £2,999.00
Audience AU24SE
Audience AU24SX
Audience Conductor e
Inakustik REFERENZ LS-1203 speaker cables
Inakustik REFERENZ LS-1603 speaker cables
Inakustik REFERENZ LS-2404 speaker cables
Nordost Red Dawn
Nordost Heimdall2
Nordost Frey2

Above £3,000.00
Nordost TYR2
Nordost Valhalla2
Nordost ODIN2

Interconnect prices
alphabetical order based on 1m pairs

From £50 to £199.00
Audience OHNO RCA
Nordost White Lightning RCA and XLR

From £200.00 to £999.00
Acoustic System Liveline RCA and XLR
Audience OHNO XLR
Audience Conductorr 'se'
Inakustik REFERENZ NF-803 Interconnects RCA and XLR
Inakustik REFERENZ NF-1203 Interconnects RCA and XLR
Inakustik REFERENZ NF-1603 Interconnects RCA and XLR
Nordost Blue Heaven RCA and XLR
Nordost Red Dawn RCA and XLR
Nordost Heimdall2 RCA and XLR

Above £1,000.00
Audience Au24SE RCA and XLR
Audience AU24SX RCA and XLR
Inakustik NF-2404 Interconnects RCA and XLR
Nordost Frey2 RCA and XLR
Nordost TYR2 RCA and XLR
Nordost Valhalla2 RCA and XLR
Nordost ODIN2 RCA and XLR

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