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Isotek Aquarius Evo 3 Power Conditioner
Star earthed with 6 individually filtered outlets

Aquarius EVO 3 £1,295.00, please call.

Key Features:
2 x 16 Amps, thermo magnetically fused high current outlets
4 x 5 Amp Bayonet fused, auto adjusting medium current outlets featuring ‘Adaptive Gating’ technology
Unique K.E.R.P. Technology based upon Kirchhoff’s two current laws which delivers unrivaled coherent sound
Brand new choke design featuring improved magnetic material which offers increased frequency bandwidth
Full 67,500 Amps of instantaneous repeatable protection

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Number of outlets: 6
Type of outlets: 16A UK unswitched
Standard mains inlet: IEC fused
Mains voltage: 100 - 240VAC
2 x High current 16 Amps
4 x Medium current 6 Amps
Maximum current : 16 Amps continuous
External mains fuse: 6.3 Amps (13Amps UK)
Dimensions: 444mm x 85mm x 305mm (WxHxD)
Weight (boxed): 9.0Kg

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