Panda Feet
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Please call Dave Jackson on 01775 761880 or Contact


Thank you for all of those who visited our Room.

Thank you also for the lovely compliments regarding the sound,
which was well appreciated. Like the NWAS we believe we put on a great show
with affordable High End Hi-Fi at an affordable High End price point. And yes, there
was NO sub woofer used

Thank you for all of you who called in on our Room to hear the Audience 1+1 V2 speakers and Norma electronics.
Here are some of the welcomed comments.

' Best sound in show'
'Was pretty impressed with the sound of this room'
'Amazing speakers'
'This is my 3rd visit'
'I was looking for the sub-woofer, there wasn’t one!'
It was pretty good and great bass from such small speakers'
'No subwoofer?'
'That QRT stuff really works


Audience 1+1 V2 plus speakers
Norma IPA 140 Integrated amplifier
Norma Revo DS-1 CD player
QRT QKORE grounding
QRT Qbase6, Qx4, Qv2 and Qk1
Nordost Heimdall2 analogue cables and power cords
Panda Feet

Hope to see you next year



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