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Hi-Fi Tuning Fuse

High quality Gold plated Silver Ceramic fuse
for UK mains 13amp plug

Hi-Fi tuning fuse 13 amp

Special deals ifbuying in fives or tens

13 amp Gold over silver end caps, Pure silver wiring

Up grade your system's weakest link. Regardless in what one pays for a UK power cord inveriably they are held back by the UK standard tin fuse. It makes sense to up grade to a tuning fuse.

HiFi Tuning is a German company who have spent an unbelievable amount of time and money to ensure that you can get everything your system is capable of delivering.

HiFi Tuning Audiophile Fuses are made from ceramic bodies which are tuned for resonance control. Inside the fuses you’ll find pure silver wiring which is precisely calibrated for its rated capacity. This silver filament is then connected to pure silver end caps which are coated with a heavy layer of 24K Gold for better signal transfer and protection from corrosion.

What will you hear? When you upgrade your mains plug fuses to HiFi Tuning’s Audiophile-Grade Fuses, you will be blown away by the difference! Your system will play with increased power, dynamics, clarity, less grain, blacker backgrounds / lower noise floor and a more natural tonal sound.

If you have a EU terminated power cord and want UK termination we have this German made adaptor.


Euro to UK adaptor with with earth and fuse facility

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