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Furutech Audio - G-320Ag-18F8 & G-320Ag IEC
Audio Visual Power Cables


The G-320Ag
Standard IEC, Fig 8 plug and fuse options

G-320Ag - with UK 1363G 13 amp plug

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High End Performance Power Cables for Visual Components

G-320Ag-18F8 --- fitted with a molded figure 8 connector and FI-15ME(G)
G-320Ag-18 --- fitted with an IEC connector and FI-15ME(G)

New 2007 G-320Ag
High End Performance Power Cables for Visual Components

Furutech introduces the G-320Ag-18F8and G320Ag-18, the perfect replacement for the low-quality "throw-away" power cords supplied with most modern video displays. The G-320Ag-18F8 has C7 IEC connector for use DVD, CD and other A/V players. It'll deliver superior performance from "stock" cords in every respect imaginable!

• Twisted 3 core high end performance power cable
• Red- 37 strands of 0.26mm silver-plated a (Alpha) OFC Conductor
• Yellow -37 strands of 0.26mm silver-plated a (Alpha)OFC Conductor
• Green- 37 strands of 0.26mm a (Alpha) OFC Conductor
• Insulation: Polyethylene (Red/Natural/Yellow) 3.5mm diameter
• Fillers: Cotton with paper tape wrap
• Sheath: Flexible PVC (Burgundy) approx. 10mm diameter

Here’s What The Critics Say
“The Furutech cable sound is easily described as one that completely avoids those peculiar striations that result from highlighting, the providence of certain silver cables that emphasize edge definition for nearly surreal image lock. Such sharp edging then becomes synonymous with etching. It gives a short-lived appearance of exceptional detail - short-lived since such sound is not only unrealistic but fatiguing.

“The Furutech cables patently don't cause this. However, they are exceptionally detailed. I can't help but think that the hexagonal barrel innards [Formula GC-303 Modules] are at least somewhat responsible for this wealth of clearly intelligible inner detail. Rather than throwing detail at you, they throw out inter-note noise. While the end result might seem the same -- more detail -- the way it communicates is very different. Put plainly, the Furutechs never fatigue even at elevated levels yet they do remain ultra resolved.”
-- Srajan Ebaen, 6moons.com

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