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Cable supports

This is an option not always considered but it should be. Most Audiophiles will agree that lifting speaker and power cables off the floor offer sonic and musical benefits. With the reduction in grain, increase in transparency and the sense of natural musical flow, it is an important piece of H-Fi housekeeping. It is just like ensuring that interconnects are routed away from touching walls or avoiding running them close and parallel to power cords. Good housekeeping does have an effect on a system performance. Empirically it may be hard to prove but Audiophiles have the ultimate veto as they are able to trust their own hearing. So lifting cables is not an exact science but for the majority of people who try it find they bring something to the table.

We currently offer 4 methods of cable lifting ranging from £3.00 to £59.99 each. You know your system, you know what you can afford but whatever you do, lift your cables.

It is the Hi-fi thing to do.


Panda Feet

Panda Feet are an absolute must for Nordost Ribbons. Universally suitable for ribbons, round and oval cables.
Over a 1,000 sold.

Panda Clamps



Cable Lift

Cable Lift

Universally suitable for ribbons,
round and oval cable

1,000s sold worldwide


Cable Spike

Universally suitable for ribbons,
round and oval cable.

CableSpikes are not self supporting but work
symbiotically with the Cable


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