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Laser cut machined Acrylic

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The length and flexibility of the cable determine the number of CableSpikes required. With the system turned off lift the cable 100mm at the middle point. If all the cable is now off the floor only one CableSpike in the middle will uffice. Use more CableSpikes if parts of the cable still trail on the floor.

Cable Spike is the simplest way to elevate your Hi-fi Speaker Cables, Interconnects and Power Cords off the floor and thus reduce the effects caused by vibrations in the room or from surrounding areas.

CableSpike is uniquely 'symbiotic' with the cable it carries as it is not self supporting yet works
with the cables to provide the elevation off the surface.

CableSpike is simple to install and adjust.

CableSpike works with the cable it carries to determine the best support position.
The weight and rigidity of the cable establishes the most suitable location for the CableSpike.

CableSpike supports many types of cable, circular, elliptical, flat and ribbon.
The more rigid the cable the fewer CableSpikes are required.

CableSpike is 100mm high and 90mm wide and is made from polished 5mm black acrylic.

CableSpike works symbiotically with the cable to elevate it off the floor but
will not support long unsupported runs on its own.

Works with your cable

Fitting Instructions

Place the CableSpike under the cable you wish it to carry.
Loop neoband over the cable using the angled sides of the CableSpike to avoid upward slippage.
Arrange neoband to be flat over the cable either side of the CableSpike
Adjust position of CableSpike to upright with point facing down.
Allow the cable to follow the natural route.

Suitable for Speaker, Power and Interconnect cables. Within its parameters the CableSpike
will support round cables, flat oval, flat and ribbon types.

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