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adeptResponse Power Conditioners

Teflon aR8 - TSSO UK Teflon | aR4 TTSO UK Teflon | aR2 UK TSSO Teflon

Standard - aR8-O UK | aR4-O UK | aR2-O UK

UK models have 2, 4 or 8 way outlets

Power conditioners are one of the most essential components in a high quality audio system. At the same time, they are one of the most misunderstood in terms of their benefit and function. As with other major components like amplifiers and speakers, there are many approaches to their design and ultimate effectiveness. Audience believe that improving the audio performance of your system rather than just protecting or isolating it should be the primary goal of the power conditioner.

It is often assumed that the voltage we get from our ac wall outlet is pure. Nothing could be further from the truth. All kinds of electronic noise in the form of radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation is picked up on the line and fed directly to your components thereby compromising their performance. Even the various components within an audio system can generate harmful noise and contaminate the line. Listeners are often unaware of the veiled quality that this noise imparts until it has been removed. Dealing with these problems in an effective yet non-performance compromising fashion is the hallmark of Audience Adept Response power conditioners.

All Audience conditioning products are passive devices which avoid the brick wall or brute force style that are employed in many conditioners. You will not find heavy transformers, redundant power supplies, integrated circuits or performance-degrading protection devices inside of our products. Instead, you will find an elegant layout that employs the most effective filtering, isolation and protection devices available today. These design parameters insure that your components live up to their design objectives so that you can obtain the highest level of performance from your audio/video system while simultaneously protecting them from surge and overload events.

Essentially the ideal power conditioner, like any other high end audio component, should not give any evidence that it is in the system or provide any sort of sonic signature of its own. This invisible quality is what Audience has achieved with the Adept Response power conditioners. They allow the full dynamic capabilities, the subtlest of nuances and the rich emotional qualities of the music to breathe within your listening space.

With an Adept Response power conditioner in your system, you have the additional satisfaction of knowing that your system is protected from external damage and isolated from harmful noise.

"makes you play more music at a single sitting"
"the level of improvement in most cases was good enough to make you draw breath"
"No product is perfect, but the aR8 gets damn close. It’s strange; if a change this large is laid at the door of a CD player, preamp or power amp, few quibble. Even saying changing the interconnect cables produces this big a difference might be accepted with scant question, but to attribute these sort of improvements to a power product is always viewed quizzically. The fact remains that the Audience adeptResponse aR8 makes a big, important difference to the sound, every bit in line with three grand upgrades to electronics further up the food chain. So, set aside your preconceptions and prejudices and listen."

from Alan Sircom's review of the aR8 in Hifi Plus issue 69


issue 69 full review

The power cords shown are fitted with the Neutrik powercon which is the adeptResponse standard inlet. Please note that the adeptResponse Power Conditioner can be also be ordered with either a 10amp or 16amp standard IEC connector sockets.


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