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'The ONE' V2 and V2+

Personal Reference Monitor

Universally acclaimed as the Audiophile's desktop or bookshelf speaker

The ONE with optional desk stands

The ONE V2 & V2+ speakers

Really interesting Video review of The ONE V2+ from Ron Brenay. Worth a look and I like his style.

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The ONE V2

 Frequency Response
 21 kHz - 50 Hz

8 ohms

84 - The ONE

7" high x 7" deep x 5.5" wide
4 lbs. per speaker

Available in Black, Blue or White


The V2 + Connectors

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Special Offer

We also offer a The 'ONE' / Project system.
A pair of the 'ONE' plus desk stands, a Silver Project S Box 25 wpc amplifier. Plus you get a starter cable kit from the computer headphone jack
and 2m hook up speaker cables for just £845.00, save £200.00

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" The ONE loudspeakers are a true high performance product."
The Absolute Sound,

on my desk. Note the project amp under the budda

Without front grille | side with grille | back
optional desk stand available

The ONE loudspeakers are a point source consisting of a single Audience A3S 75mm full range driver
and a 89mm passive radiator on the back.


Impedance 8ohms, Efficiency - 84db
Max RMS Continuous Output Per Pair - 98db
Max RMS Continuous Power/Speaker - 25w
Size - 177mm tall x 140mm deep and 152mm wide

The Audience A3

The Audience A3 is a breakthrough full range loudspeaker driver design comprising the patented XBL motor, patent-pending suspension and patent pending basket. The A3 has an exceptionally flat response from 40Hz to 22Khz with very high power handling and dynamic range. The A3 is built like a high power sub woofer driver using a large neodymium motor structure, big voice coil and suspension venting. The A3 is ultra responsive at 2.5 grams total moving mass providing state of the art resolution and dynamic range. The A3 sports 12mm of usable excursion with less than 1 dB compression at levels up to 95 dB SPL.

The XBL A3 motor design generates an extremely uniform force over the excursion range, resulting in much less distortion and compression . The A3 motor design also allows for an extremely low voice coil inductance, insuring exceptional flat response to higher frequencies.

The A3 surround, patent-pending, is uniquely s shaped allowing for the surround to provide large excursions without shrouding the cone and with uniform resistance in both directions.

The A3 basket, patent-pending, supports the structure while free of typical design resonances, it is unobstructive and avoids trapped air volumes. The mechanical design was extensively refined using state of the art Finite Element Analysis to have no mechanical resonance problems.

The A3 spider was designed with special materials and design that provide for large linear excursions and is of a size usually associated only with much larger drivers.

The A3 pole piece venting is also unusual in that a vent of this size is usually only seen in much larger sub woofer type drivers. This large vent has radiuses on both ends to prevent turbulence. This large vent supports high volume air flow for cooling the voice coil for superior power handling.

The Cone is a curvilinear design executed with an anodized aluminum magnesium alloy making for an exceptionally rigid cone. The concave dust cap is made of a proprietary material providing constrained layer damping to control cone break up at high frequency and to provide high frequency dispersion.

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