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AC Conductor Power Cable for installations

Audience Conductor provides the best starting point for any
High End Hi-Fi or AV system power supply.

Audience Installation Cable
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Hifi Tuning fuses | Furutech connectors and plugs add to the upgrade

Installation AC Cable Features

1/ Suitable for dedicated Hi-fi ring mains or radial circuits.
2/ Surplus could be used to make up your own Power Cords.
3/ 3 x 10 AWG (5.26mm) multi-conductor wires plus a ground wire
4/ Suitable for concealment under floors or in wall.
5/ Insulation is made from XLPE cross-linked polyethylene
6/ Cable outside diameter is 17.28mm (0.68")

Usefull hints and tips.

In a 240v UK system 1 KW (1,000 watts) is approximately 4.2 amps This (10 AWG) 5.26mm cable is good for 30 amps so in most dedicated Hi-fi only cases a radial (single cable) supply will be sufficient. The ideal is to run this cable on a dedicated circuit direct from your distribution board securing the earth to the common earth. High End Cable recommend that you terminate at the wall with Furutech wall sockets as these have ideal sized terminations to accept this cable. The wall socket should be labelled as a dedicated supply.

If in any doubt whatsoever you should always speak to a certified electrician. They know the UK regulations, what to do and how do do it.

Unfortunately the Conductor installation cable was not available when Dave had his dedicated system installed. For more info on the installation please click here

San Marcos, CA, August 27, 2014

Audience have announced the introduction of its Conductor power cable, designed to provide the highest level of AC power delivery for High End Hi-fi custom installation

“Our new Conductor power cable combines optimized AC power delivery with exceptional durability and ease of installation,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “Conductor enables in-wall systems to perform at their best. Why build a custom-installation home entertainment system and wire it up with run-of-the mill power cable?”

Audience Conductor cable features three 10 AWG (5.26mm) multi-conductor wires plus a ground wire and can be used in 220/240-volt applications. The insulation is made from XLPE cross-linked polyethylene insulation, which provides extreme durability and long-term use yet is flexible and easy to work with.

Conductor is UL-approved, is OSHA-acceptable and meets ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC 70, IEEE 383, IEEE 1202 and other standards.

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