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ClairAudient Speakers

When Audience develops a product, no consideration is given to the end price until the product is finished. Focus is placed on developing the very best product possible; then the price is based on cost.

ClairAudient Line Source Array Loudspeakers

The ClairAudient line source array is a loudspeaker system, designed by the late Richard Smith, a co-founder of Audience, LLC. Richard’s dream was to design a loudspeaker without any of the usual design compromises that, in one way or the other, limit most loudspeaker systems known today. The idea was to avoid working around conventional loudspeaker design limitations by designing a loudspeaker that was free of those limitations in the first place.

The ONE V2+ & 1+1 V2 + and now the 1+1 V3

ClairAudient loudspeakers have no crossovers. One of the biggest problems in loudspeakers is phase anomalies, particularly in the treble range resulting from the use of crossovers. The cardinal sin is to compensate for phase difference effects on the response curve by introducing electrical compensations into the crossover circuit. Whereas this may smooth out the response curve at the particular position of the test microphone, the transient response is destroyed. It can have excellent frequency response; however quite incapable of reproducing a complex waveform with any degree of accuracy. To make matters worse, our ears are most sensitive around the 2500 Hz frequency range where most mid/high crossovers are placed. The ClairAudient employs multiple, identical full range drivers that reproduce a flat frequency response from 40Hz to 22kHz. The bottom octaves are reproduced by a separate subwoofer.

Dave's opinion of the 1+1 and The ONE.
''I have tried these speakers in many locations. I recommend them for areas up to 15m2 for the 1+1 versions and 10m2 for the ONE versions, or on the desk. I have used them in rooms up to 25m2 at the NWAS and Harrogate Show with a lot of success but they need careful placement to get the best of the bass. They disappear in the room and of course the size helps. If you are wanting close field monitoring there are none better, but for a personal monitor they offer the real Hi-fi person a so much more.''

Professor Adam Reiss a Nobel prize winner is a leader in his field of Cosmology and works on the expandng universe. Not Hi-fi I know but it needs a superior mind to do his work and if he chooses the Audience 1+1 V3 at his desk then the Cosmos must listen.

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