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This cables are designed and manufactured in the UK.

3 x 4mm2 Pure Silver Plated 99.99999 OFC multicore conductors
Silicone Insulation
Premium pure silver plated cryo-treated plug contacts
Double Pure Silver Plated Cryo-treated Audiophile 13 amp fuse


Atacama Imperium powercord (UK specification)

With an 60% increase in conductor volume over Verve, Cryogenic treatments to plug components and a dedicated premium 13amp Audiophile Cryo fuse, an Imperium Powercord offers the maximum performance available from an Atacama powercord.

The Atacama Imperium Powercord is suitable for all applications requiring a standard sized 10amp IEC adaptor. The MSI 13amp plug Benefits from equal length termination points and all metal internal components and polished connector pins that are double silver plated then cryogenically treated to maximise the cables performance. A dedicated pure silver plated cryogenically treated Atacama 13amp fuse has also been developed to meet the needs of this top of the line powercord.

The cord itself is constructed using 3 x 4.0mm² pure silver-plated multicore 99.999999% oxygen free copper conductors within a high-quality flexible Silicone dielectric. An outer mesh membrane is then added to protect the cable and to ensure long term performance and durability.

Imperium powercords are supplied with a high performance cryogenically treated Furutec 10amp IEC connector with pure silver plated cryogenically treated conductors adapted to Atacama's specification.

All Atacama powercords are assembled in Atacama's UK based factory, individually serial numbered and securely logged with the exact manufacturing specification to ensure future traceability.




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