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D - Diamond
C- Ceramic
A- Aluminium

X Series

D - Diamond
C - Ceramic
A - Aluminium

X Series

D - Diamond
C - Ceramic
A - Aluminium

X Series

Mainz systems

Mainz 8 D power distributor
Mainz 8 A power distributor

Darkz A/C
Darkz C/C
Darkz D/C

Darkz Cable Lifters

Tesla tc Sparkz

Ansuz recommend


P-level: POM

P-level is the entry point and will give you a taste of what is possible with Hi-fi cabling. A P-level cable starts where a lot of other cables stop and even at this level will make your sound equipment perform better than it does with much more expensive cables.

A-level: ALUMINIUM Ansuz®
A-level is the next level, moving quality up from POM to aluminium. Even though P-level cables performs great, you will notice that the difference to A-level is significant.

C-level: CERAMIC Ansuz®
C-level is where the magic of sound appears - you’ll not only hear the difference, you will actually feel it with all of your senses.

D-level: DIAMOND Ansuz®
D-level - this is their top level



Speaker cables

Ansuz may be a relatively new name to the Hi-fi World but their team are industry legends. The main men are Michael Borreson the designer and Lars Kristensen the director in charge of sales and the man you see at the demonstrations throughtout the World.

You might also know them as the men from Raidho Acoustics, makers of the World's best High End Hi-fi speakers.

In a perfect World Ansuz maintain their cables would be totally non inductive with a free floating stream of power or signals to your H-fi system components. Also it would be with zero capacitance, giving you full effect no matter what. Ansuz say their Cable-series succeed in creating a significant reduction of inductive interference and taking capacitance to a minimum, pushing the all round performance of their cables closer to perfect. Well it’s not a perfect world, but when it comes to H-fi cables Ansuz are working on it! In the meantime this possibly is the best you can get

POM Series

Speakz A

2m pair = £2,300.00
3m pair = £3,105.00
4m pair = £3,910.00
extra per 1m pr = £805.00

Speakz C

2m pair = £4,500.00
3m pair = £6,075.00
extra per 1m pr = £1,575.00

Speakz D

2m pair = £8,800.00
3m pair = £11,880.00
extra per 1m pr = £3,080.00

POM Level = £570.00
A level = £1,000.00
C level = £1,700.00
D Level = £2,800.00

Any question please call 01775 761880






recommend Raidho Acoustics

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