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D - Diamond
C- Ceramic
A- Aluminium

X Series

D - Diamond
C - Ceramic
A - Aluminium

X Series

D - Diamond
C - Ceramic
A - Aluminium

X Series

Mainz systems

Mainz 8 D power distributor
Mainz 8 A power distributor

Darkz A/C
Darkz C/C
Darkz D/C

Darkz Cable Lifters

Tesla tc Sparkz

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P-level: POM

P-level is the entry point and will give you a taste of what is possible with Hi-fi cabling. A P-level cable starts where a lot of other cables stop and even at this level will make your sound equipment perform better than it does with much more expensive cables.

A-level: ALUMINIUM Ansuz®
A-level is the next level, moving quality up from POM to aluminium. Even though P-level cables performs great, you will notice that the difference to A-level is significant.

C-level: CERAMIC Ansuz®
C-level is where the magic of sound appears - you’ll not only hear the difference, you will actually feel it with all of your senses.

D-level: DIAMOND Ansuz®
D-level - this is their top level




The more powerful equipment, the harder mechanical parts in a Hi-fi unit work, and mechanical motion will always result in noise and vibration. With a new and innovative construction principle ensures DARKZ Decouplers are designed to to lead noise and vibration effectively away from speakers and other Hi-fi devices.

The effect of DARKZ can be both heard and felt or 'your money back*'.


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All DARKZ De-couplers comes in 3 different versions

Aluminium - A/C
from £160.00 for more prices click here
Ceramic C/C from £230.00 for more prices click here
Diamond D/C from £360.00 for more prices click here

Each with strong individual qualities.

"not just sounds good, it also feels absolutely fantastic" Lars Kristensen

Fixed Darkz - 23.5mm high and a diameter of 44mm & 6 Ceramic balls (Zr02)
Adjustable Darkz - have a height adjustment of 23.5 to 30mm and a diameter of 44mm &
3 Ceramic balls (Zr02)

Fixed Darkz are ideal for rack components with the adjustable Darkz are best for Equipment racks, Speakers and Components with spikes and/or where uneven surfaces persist. Darkz are not suitable if placed under rubber feet. Darkz can be stacked on top of each other but call first.
Darkz can be mixed to suit budgets and a mimimum of 3 are always required. Adjustable Darkz may be inverted to accept spikes.


Ansuz maintain this entry level decoupler takes Hi-fi experience to new heights, and helps relatively inexpensive equipment to provide convincing Hi-fi performance. DARKZ aluminum is a newly designed affordable innovative decoupling which leads mechanical noises and vibrations away from Hi-fi gear by using an ingenious sandwich construction. The material, Aluminium is characterized by being an effective leader of both movement , heat and more.


To achieve an even better dissipation, Ansuz have made a DARKZ Ceramic. The ceramic surface makes the whole structure much stiffer and this special treatment ensures a very efficient dissipation of unwanted noise and vibration. The material ceramics are also used in bearings because the surface is very smooth and friction-neutral and because of ceramics excellent insulation properties.


In Ausuz's quest to create the ultimate decoupler they created a DARKZ Diamond. By coating the DARKZ sandwich construction with diamond process. this version appears dark, almost black but with a unique surface. This is designed to remove any elasticity left in the decoupler and gives a pure and deep drainage of unwanted noise and vibration - the experience of Hi-fi equipment decoupled with DARKZ Diamond is of another world.

Fixed Darkz - 23.5mm high and a diameter of 44mm &
6 Ceramic balls (Zr02)
Adjustable Darkz - have a height adjustment of 23.5 to 30mm and a diameter of 44mm &
3 Ceramic balls (Zr02)

Adjustable and fixed Darkz

Adjustable Darkz may flipped and can be inverted to accept spikes.



For the best results with electronics the Darkz should be located externally under the component near to or under the known location of any transformers, CD motor and main circuit boards. However, you may need to experiment with other positions around this guideline. With speakers they need to be postioned at each corner.


Ansuz may be a new name to the Hi-fi World but their team are industry legends. The main men are Michael Børresen, the designer, and Lars Kristensen the director in charge of sales and the man you are mostly likely to see at the demonstrations through-out the World.

They are better known as the men behind Raidho Acoustics, makers of the World's best speaker systems.

Ansuz recommend Raidho Acoustics


*28 day return if not satisfied and goods must be returned in original boxes and un-damaged


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