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Acoustic System review

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Basic - Copper

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Special Gold

Acoustic System tuning Resonators

Acoustic System manufactures five different resonators, in five different materials. Every music system can be improved by using one or more of them in up to six easy steps.

The resonators are activated by sound waves in the room and produce overtones – subtle overtones, which also define the sound colour. This colouring is often lost during the recording process, and when replaced always improves, and never worsens, the sound experience. Every listening room affects the music with its own specific audio characterics, and from this point of view it can be said that the resonators by Acoustic System simply modify the acoustic properties of the listening room. In a very sophisticated way, of course.

Also of importance is the well seasoned wood employed in the manufacture of the pedestals. As in the case of musical instruments it is the skilled combination of materials which leads to perfection, and depending on the type of resonator metal, a harder or softer variety of maple is used for the base.

The resonator elements are fixed to walls or furniture using a permanently elastic material, which allows residue-free removal from practically all surfaces.

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Copper and silver are the main components of the basic resonator.

The base is made of finest soft instrument maple.

Sound character: straight, fast. O
nly £169.00
Free P&P

Basic Copper


This resonator uses silver (751/1000) and copper. Soft instrument maple is used for the base.

Sound character: light, open, airy. O
nly £299.00
Free P&P


Basic & Silver
package deals

From only £699.00
Free P&P

Basic & Silver package deals


Manufactured with 18 carat gold (751/1000), silver and copper. The base is hard instrument maple.

Sound character: rich, bright, slight compression.

nly £975.00 Free P&P


Special Gold

14 carat gold, copper and silver are the marerials for this resonator. The base is hard instrument maple.

Sound character: brilliant, no compression.

Only £975.00 Free P&P

Special Gold


The finest sound element has a resonator made of platinum (98% purity), and a base of hard instrument maple.

Sound character: very clear over all frequencies, no compression.

Only £1,595.00

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