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Acoustic System LIVELINE
Interconnects & Speaker Cables

XLR Interconnects
Liveline speaker cables

Only 2.4m Shotgun 2-2 available

Includes both screw in bananas and spades


Dave says, "With so many cable makes out there, some makes I can sell and others I can not,
it is really nice to find a new design concept that really works and without costing the earth.
I like these cables, and so will you"

The LiveLine cables are different. They combine solid-core copper conductors for the hot run, solid-core silver for the return, then add 2mm splices of the five resonator alloys to all ends. The sequencing of splices is different for the send/receive ends, different for the hot and return legs*.

In additional splice inserts at the center point of each conductor's total length. Conductor gauge and code of alloy splicing are unique for each cable category. The interconnects are different from the speaker cables, those different from the power cords. The Neutrik RCA barrels and bayonet bananas are modified with three holes. The speaker cable terminations offer interchangeable connectors. Shotgun biwire is available. The thin LiveLine cables in Techflex sheathing are deliberately basic in appearance. The emphasis is on sonic excellence, not audio jewelry that underperforms but looks expensive.

*This construction makes the interconnect cables particularly directional. The red heat shrink indicates the receive/load end. However, some equipment like tube gear will sound better when the interconnect is inverted (red end on the send component or source).

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