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' Best sound in show'
'Was pretty impressed with the sound of this room'
'Amazing speakers'
'This is my 3rd visit'
'I was looking for the sub-woofer, there wasn’t one!'
It was pretty good and great bass from such small speakers'
'No subwoofer?'
'That QRT stuff really works


Please call Dave Jackson on 01775 761880 or Contact


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will be at the


Daves visit to Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Oct 2017
and Colorado Road Trip

Colorado is a fantastic State

End of line P, A and C Cable deals click here



Speaker cable
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Robert Harley writes about the 1+1 V2+ in
The Absolute Sound:
Click here

"The Audience speakers to my mind are very much the stars of this show and sound fantastic." at the NWAS

Really interesting Video review of The ONE V2+ from Ron Brenay of New Record Day. Worth a look and I like his style.
Click here


Speaker cable
Digital & Dual and Standard USB
Tonearm cables
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Panda Feet
Hundreds sold worldwide

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over a 1,000 sold worldwide

Track Audio


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QKORE more details click here










Special packages with Audience The ONE V2 or 1+1 V2





The new ONE V2

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